About bozz it

Bozz it is a Canadian based bilingual company that focuses on the development of web based applications. By providing custom database solutions, programming services and professional design and architecture, bozz it can help to organize your information on-line to increase your business productivity, or to utilize the Internet as an e-business tool.

Whether your business is in need of an Intranet or Internet solution, bozz it can fit your needs and budget requirements in a staff capacity or on a consulting or programming per project basis. We are proud of our abilities to meet deadlines and apply the knowledge and skills we have acquired to any project we may be involved in.

Our many years of Customer Support experience makes us great trouble shooters and problem solvers. We always like a puzzle / challenge to solve.

Please contact us to learn more about our skills and services. We would be pleased to meet and discuss any projects you may have available.